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We lead innovation
for digital products

Unlock new possibilities for your business through our technology consulting services, as we connect you with our highly skilled team.

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About us

A new way to develop innovative solutions

Founded in 2014, notEqual aimed to revolutionize IT consulting by delivering tailored solutions aligned with clients' realities, optimizing internal processes with technologies like OutSystems and AWS Services.


We prioritize transparency and open communication to ensure project success and long-lasting professional relationships.


Our team becomes yours, attentively focusing on project details and conducting necessary research to achieve the desired goals.


Our team becomes yours, attentively focusing on project details and conducting necessary research to achieve the desired goals.


Tired of being equal to everybody? Our dynamic and creative team is fully equipped to deliver innovative solutions for your project.


Maximize your business's potential with our team

With the combined skills of our architects, developers, and designers, we propel businesses forward by embracing technology and innovation.


We provide consulting services by allocating specialized consultants in the most diverse areas, allowing our clients to focus only on their business.

App Development

We design, manage and implement technological solutions customized according to the objectives and deadlines set to maximize the return on investment in the shortest possible time.


We guarantee remote development of your projects, maintenance, and application support, significantly reducing costs and development time without impacting their quality.

Why us

OutSystems hub, IT expertise, powerhouse team

Being situated in the largest OutSystems hub is just one of the advantages of the notEqual team being located in Europe. We also benefit from favorable time zones, facilitating efficient collaboration, and the availability of flights for seamless travel.

OutSystems experts

Our team is located in Portugal, which boasts the world's largest OutSystems developer community and a strong academic foundation in IT.

Convenient time zone

Our time zone facilitates scheduling and efficient collaboration across different regions, as morning in the US aligns with our afternoon.

Flight friendly

Easy to reach, direct flights from most aviation hubs in the US and Europe.

A whole team for you

Hiring an in-house IT team offers cost advantages through increased efficiency, scalability, and predictable expenses.


Catch a glimpse of our team's projects

Collaborative loan investment platform

LoanSplit is an innovative loan participation platform that has delivered substantial advantages, transforming operational agility. It has streamlined internal processes and significantly expedited the identification of compatible investors, providing a valuable tool for our stakeholders.

Prioritizing food waste reduction in company canteens

Introducing the "Smart Meal" App! This cutting-edge app, powered by OutSystems technology, simplifies your cafeteria and dining hall experience. Say goodbye to long lines and guesswork – schedule your meals in advance, pick your favorites, and enjoy a seamless meal journey. Delight in precision, reduce waste, and savor every bite with our intuitive app.

Smarter household chore management and financial education

Discover our app that makes learning about money fun: teach your kids financial values through interactive chores, earning 'stars' for real-world decisions. From gaming rewards to saving, borrowing, giving back, and investing, it's a comprehensive financial journey. Features include chores turned lessons, parental guidance, social impact, and real-world skills. Join us in raising financially responsible young adults!


What our partners say about us


Not Equal has been our valued development partner for almost four years. They've become an indispensable part of our team, consistently offering technical expertise and insightful perspectives. Their input has been crucial to our growth and ongoing success. We're immensely grateful for their support and consider them a key factor in our sustained growth and prosperity!”

Cori Schmidt-Zdrazil | COO

Our team

Passionate professionals fueling extraordinary companies


I'm not Equal.

We seek passionate professionals that can innovate, learn, and embrace change. Dreamers, change-makers, and those committed to evolving.

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